FJC July completed

We are back from the july course! While sweating in croatia at around 38°C every day, we had more adequate temeratures in italy and could finish the course with 10 jumps each. It was a really great trip! Check out more pics here!

FJC June completed

We successfully completed our June FJC. With a bit windy conditions on the bridge and perfect jumping weather on the cliff, we could finish with about 10 jumps each. Check out more pics here!

Pressurized - mini documentary

This is a mini documentary about Pressurized, Austrian, BASE jumpers from Salzburg/Austria, building their own Track- and Wingsuits. It is just a small wrap up of their work and their passion for tracking.

Pressurized BASE jumpers: Andreas Podlipnik, Peter Salzmann

Tracksuit: Tube4

Production: Beech Studios

Director: Mario Feil

Camera: Mario Feil, Peter Döring, Peter Moser

Aerial: airV8

Edit | color grading: Michael Jacobus Maas

Sfx: Clemens Becker

April FJC - completed!

We successfully completed our April FJC. Great weather conditions and great skills of the students allowed for more than 100basejumps in total! Congratulations and thanks to all jumpers and a big thanks to all helping hands!!

FJC - DATES 2015

September: 20.09.-27.09.


August:  15.08-22.08.


Peter Salzmann was part of the new Adidas Outdoor video with a Tube4. check it out ....

FJC September

FJC September. With perfect jumping conditions we finished our September First Jump Course.  Jumpers from Australia, France, Switzerland, Germany and Poland joined us and we spent a great time together! Pics you can find here!

Tube4 - backfly option available!

Tube4 - backfly option

The Tube4 is now available with backfly option. Play around on your skdives with your belly up and full performance!