Printed suits

We are happy,  that we  can now offer supercustom printed suits! There are no coloring limits for your ideas!  Just send us your request. Full printed suits for Tube5 will be 450eur extra. Partially printed suits will be 250eur.



Pala4 is ready to go, check it out here.


FJC april

Our spring course was really great! We ended up with 16 jumps each from the bridge and 3 cliffjumps and trained PCA, static line, handheld, stowed, floater, tard, running exits and treelanding ;) Check out the gallery here.

Pala3  intro

Differences to the Pala2 and ideas to the new suit design.

Pala3 - speed sleeves without inlets

After testing a lot of different sleeve designs, inlet and materials,  we are happy to have the first onepiece suit with non inflated sleeves!  The pala3 pilot is taking advantage of the reduced drag,  more speed and flare power!


After testing the Pala3 in base we are proud that we are ready with the successor of Pala2. 


The latest testflights have been completed successfully. The increased surface and the pressure loaded bigger sidepipes merged to a stable powerful suit! More to come soon...

FJC june

For the june course we just have been to the right places at the right time. Perfect jumping conditions, an awesome group and decreasing covid numbers lead to a course which really compared to what we had in the past. With a great variety and up to 20 jumps each we are looking back to awesome times!  PCA, static line, handheld, stowed, floater, tard, slick tracking, 2 piece tracking, multiway... check out some pics here. 


Pressurized New Air Inlet

Sharing some thoughts about our new air inlet, based on our TwentyG2 design back in the early days. Superlow drag,  fast inflation and great pressure!

Windtunnel tests - Aerodynamics of Tracking 2


Get Hirschi's FloatSight App and you can check your FlySight datas on your smartphone.


FJC Juli 18

Great weather and jumping conditons on our july FJC. Thank you all for the great trip and save jumps!  Check out more pics here!


Pressurized FJC Compilation

Heli BASE Trip

Pressurized - mini documentary

This is a mini documentary about Pressurized, Austrian, BASE jumpers from Salzburg/Austria, building their own Track- and Wingsuits. It is just a small wrap up of their work and their passion for tracking.

Pressurized BASE jumpers: Andreas Podlipnik, Peter Salzmann

Tracksuit: Tube4

Production: Beech Studios

Director: Mario Feil

Camera: Mario Feil, Peter Döring, Peter Moser

Aerial: airV8

Edit | color grading: Michael Jacobus Maas

Sfx: Clemens Becker