FJC June -completed-

We are looking back to a great FJC with plenty of jumps! Finishing up with +30 jumps each. PCA, static line jumps, handheld, stowed, floater, Mc Conkey, Tard, Tracking jumps slick and with Tracksuit. In LB we went for subterminal tracking. Thanks to the chef cook for the awesome risotto dinner! And never forget: avoid full Henriks or full Patricks as much as possible. Take care!  Check out pics here. 

Pressurized New Air Inlet

Sharing some thoughts about our new air inlet, based on our TwentyG2 design back in the early days. Superlow drag,  fast inflation and great pressure!

Windtunnel tests - Aerodynamics of Tracking 2


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FJC Juli 18

Great weather and jumping conditons on our july FJC. Thank you all for the great trip and save jumps!  Check out more pics here!


Pressurized FJC Compilation

Heli BASE Trip

Pressurized - mini documentary

This is a mini documentary about Pressurized, Austrian, BASE jumpers from Salzburg/Austria, building their own Track- and Wingsuits. It is just a small wrap up of their work and their passion for tracking.

Pressurized BASE jumpers: Andreas Podlipnik, Peter Salzmann

Tracksuit: Tube4

Production: Beech Studios

Director: Mario Feil

Camera: Mario Feil, Peter Döring, Peter Moser

Aerial: airV8

Edit | color grading: Michael Jacobus Maas

Sfx: Clemens Becker