The Tube5 continues our 2 piece tracksuit series. 

The next generation features a revised shape, more overall volume and a lowered crotch. We focused on fine-tuning the ratio between the volume of jacket and pants to create a perfectly balanced suit. 


The Tube5 inflates super quickly after the exit and starts incredibly fast.

While the increased volume around the midsection creates more lift around 

the center of the body, the low crotch provides extra power during your flight.

Pants are featured with 3 legstrap positions for more flexibility in length. 


These new and improved design elements make the Tube5 the fastest starting 

most powerful two piece suit in our Tube history (so far…). 


The Tube5 can is available also with backfly option and will be built to your measurements. Additional the jacket is availble in lightweight fabric.


We advise a minimum of 70 skydives before using the Tube5.


Fly chart Tube4 vs Tube5

Color samples