Thank you for purchasing a pressurized Tube5 tracksuit!


The tube5 is designed to reach an outstanding glide. It inflates very quickly  and provides fast starts when well performed. 


Before basejumping - skydive!

Learn to fly your new equipment in the skydive environment first! This is a must when you plan to basejump. As with all new suits it requires some time to get adapted and feel comfortable in it. So, get comfortable with the suit first and know exactly how it behaves in any situation.


Gearing up


The right order is jacket first, rig second and the pants at last. Make sure your legstraps are tightened before putting on the pants.


fThe Tube5 offers 3 positions for the tension straps on the pants. Factory setting is the middle position. If there is too much tension on the pants you can change to the lower position. Or to the higher setting if you can not put enough tension on it. The waistband of the pants should be high up above the belly button.

Pants - Strap assembly

Closing pants zipper

Close the zipper completely and thread the puller into the red tape so that the puller finally is facing upwards. Then snap on the push button. Tighten the velcro tapes. Start with the outer one,  then the inner velcro strap which goes over the outer strap. The end of the pants should be tight to keep the air pressure in the inflated pants.


Feed the strap underneath the shoelace. Then thread through the buckle. The strap should lock then in the buckle. Pointing the toes should put tension on the pants. The Waist strap has to be tight to prevent the pants from slipping down.




Close the buckle and tighten the strap. The excess lenght of the strap goes inside the pants.

Sleeve velcro

To keep the air pressure inside the jacket, tighten the sleeve ends with the velcro.

In flight

Aim for a straight position and keep body tension. The suit works palms up and palms down. To achieve the maximum distance possible you need to focus on a keeping a good forward speed during the flight. A wide leg-stance and  pushing the arms slightly back is the key for a stable, controlled, high performance track. If you bring your arms further back, you change your flight to a steeper angle (dive). Do not push with your arms to get to a flatter angle, roll your shoulders instead. Heading and angle adjustments should only be done with shoulders and head inputs. Your legs should be always straight. For the flare lift and roll your shoulders and bring your arms to body level.



The suit can be hand washed in cold water, or machine washed cold on a gentle cycle. Do not use chemicals and never tumble dry. Hang dry in the shade.


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us!