Andreas Podlipnik

I started BASE in 2003 with Jim Jennings as instructor at a basic research first jump course. After 7 years as a glider pilot I started with paragliding and skydiving later to get into BASE. With a limited amount of products on market at this time, I started with the first homemade tracking suit which resulted in tube5 now. Pressurized was started and the first suits were sold to closer friends. Business success was not first priority - instead we tried to improve the performance and tried to understand the aerodynamics of aerolastic flight systems. The suit designs improved, testing methods became better and the sales increased. Thats why we are a small company now with focus on the improvement of human flight.


I'm one of the instructors at the Pressurized FJC, I'm a slider down enthusiast, senior rigger, and I love tracking... actually I love base jumping in general...I consider myself as some kind of parachute-geek and I run a blog about base jumping, check it out here: http://www.watchthybridle.com

My favorite colours are blue and orange, I'm a huge fan of old zombie movies, and I like bananas, gorillas and ninjas.