8 day Heli BASE Trip 2018


23-30.06.2018  ---booked out---


The idea is to bring base jumpers togther, spend a great time in the mountains and make it possible to jump off  the highest cliffs in the dolomites. Some of them are only reachable by helicopter (or climbing). Organizing the helicopter for a group of jumpers means, that it will be very cost effective for each participant to get ontop of the most outstanding  jumps in the dolomites.


Pressurized is just organizer. We do not offer a course or training within this 8 days.


Requirements: 200 BASE jumps




7 Heli flights (within 2 or 3 days) per person

Daily weather check and briefing for the next day.

Hiking to alternative exit points in the region



Fotos + Videos (bring fast storage device)


We will bring big tarps for packing.

Hotel is extra, we can organize a single, double, or tribble room for you. 




Reservation is 400eur. This will save your slot.

You can place your reservation here.


Please note, that we have a limited amount of jumpers corresponding to the helicopter loads. In case of a shorthand cancellation prior the trip, your reservation will be used to cover the cancelation expenses.




Rifugio Monte Pallidi

Strada Del Sella 2

83032 Canazei, TN

Italy (Dolomites)





We have accomodation at Rifugio Pallidi which is next to the wingsuit landing of pordoi. This will be our BASE camp for this week.


They have single rooms, double and tripple rooms (34eur per person/night)


Breakfast can be ordered day by day and is 11eur per person

Dinner is optional: 19eur per person


If you also want to stay at refugion pallidi we can make your booking.  Close to the Rifugio Monte Pallidi are plenty of other hotels in different price categories. Hotel Col di Lana, Albergoe Savoia, Hotel Pordoi, Hotel Garni Gonzaga, Hotel Lupo Bianco are just a few options close to the place where we are staying and all of them are on the way to pordoi exit.




up to 3 months prior the Trip the cancellation is free of charge

...90-41 days prior: 20% of reservation

...40-21 days prior: 70% of reservation


...20 days or less: 100% of reservation




How many days? How many jumps can be expected with good weather?

19-25 jumps, depending on the exits jumpers prefer


Are all exits good for either TS or WS?

Yes and no. Very depending on the skill level and tracking suit. 

We will jump exits which can be done slick and there are technical exits with starts as short as 120m.


Advanced tracking exits:




Mt. Agner


What if we have bad weather and can't fly?


We will select the exits after the weather forecast, so we have the best chances to get the most out of the trip. If the heli cannot fly we will refund he missing flights.


Can I get the pics and video?



Yes! Just bring your external hard drive or other fast storage device and you will get all pics and video of your jumps.