Measurement guide

• Use a tape measure

• Ask someone to take your measurements and double-check.

• Wear the average layer of cloth you jump with.

• Keep your muscles relaxed while measuring.



1. Height without shoes

Your height, standing up against a wall with feet together and shoes off


2. Shoulders 

From shoulder tip bone (acromion) to the other shoulder tip bone (acromion) (run the tape measure behind the shoulders. Keep the tape measure level, allowing it to follow the curve of the shoulders


3. Arm length

From shoulder tip bone (acromion) where the shoulder seam of a perfect fitting Tshirt would be) to the wrist bone. Extended arm.


4. Torso 

From hole between clavicles below the throat to the crotch.


5. Inseam 

From crotch to floor with shoes off, standing upright. Keep tape measure vertical. Use the very same crotch point for Torso and Inseam measurements.


6. Handles- X

Gear-up with your skydive rig and tightly fasten leg straps and chest straps. Measure from the Main lift web to the MLW at the base of the handles. see picture.


7. Handles-Y

From the suprasternal notch to the base of the handles. see picture.


8. Weight

with light clothing on a scale, without rig.


9. Chest 


Around the chest, at the nipples. 


10. Waist 


Around the belly, at belly button. 


11. Hips 

Around the widest part of the hip bones.


12. Bicep 

Circumference of the bicep at its widest point (extended arm)


13. Forearm 

Circumference of the forearm at its widest point (extended arm)


14. Thigh

Around widest part of the thigh.


16. Shoe size 

As written on the label (US or Europe size)