Thank you for purchasing a pressurized Pala tracksuit!


The suit is designed to reach an outstanding glide! It inflates quickly and provides super fast starts when well performed. 


Before base jumping - skydive!

Learn to fly your new equipment in the skydive environment first! This is a must when you plan to base jump. As with all new suits it requires some time to adapt and feel comfortable in it. So, get comfortable with the suit first and know exactly how it behaves in any situation.

Gearing up

First, connect the rig and the suit. There are two options: Skydive mode and BASE mode. In skydive mode the cutaway handle and reserve handle are outside the suit and easily reachable while in BASE mode the complete harness is inside the suit for less drag.

Once the rig is assembled with the  suit make sure you step through the legstraps when putting on the suit!

 In BASE mode you need to take extra care as the cheststrap has to be closed before closing the suit with the front zippers! 








Rig assembly - BASE mode

Place your rig on the ground and lay the suit on top of the rig. Open the back zippers and place the legstraps inside the suit. Close zipper and connect the zipper pullers. When geared up ask your jump buddy to check for a correct puller position on your back. The Lateral webbing should come out of the suit without exerting tension on the suit zippers.

Rig assembly - Skydive mode

Open the short front zippers where the harness should come out of the suit. Place the harness outside of the suit. Close the zipper starting from the top. The cheststrap remains outside of the suit and has to be closed after closing the frontside of the suit. Check that you can access your emergency handles and make sure that the cutaway handel and reserve handle are outside the suit.


Step in the suit

Open the front zippers. Step into the suit with your legs THROUGH the legstraps. Lift the harness and suit and place it on your shoulders. Close the booties as described below. 


Skydive mode: Close the front zippers and then close your cheststrap.

BASE mode: Close the cheststrap then the front zippers.


Tighten the velcros on the sleeves to make them airtight.  

Closing booties

Close the front zipper completely. 

In flight

Aim for a straight body position with body tension. The suit works palms up and palms down. We experienced that palms up give a better aerodynamics and glide performance as the arms have a better position around the side-tubes. Practise to fly palms up in the skydive environment. For reaching maximum distance in your tracks you need to focus on keeping a good forward speed during your flight. A wide legstance and  arms slightly back is the key for a stable, controlled, high performance track. If you bring your arms further back, you change your flight to a steeper angle (dive). Do not push with your arms to get to a flatter angle, roll your shoulders instead. Heading and angle adjustments should be done with shoulders and head only. The legs should always remain straight. For the flare lift and roll your shoulders and bring your arms to body level.  


The bootie design allowing you to land without undoing the booties. You can run with the suit there is no need to open the bootie zippers during canopy flight as it is common procedure on wingsuit jumps.


The suit can be hand washed in cold water, or machine washed cold on a gentle cycle. Do not use chemicals and never tumble dry. Hang dry in the shade.


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us!