This new superior piece of tracking equipment is basically a complete new suit design. Our design goal was to create a tracksuit which is both -  easy to fly and with the best performance.


Honestly we spent much more time with sewing prototypes than expected, but now we are very proud that we could meet those design goal and create a very balanced suit.


The Tube4 basically combines two suits in one. A unique  "Volume-Reduction-System" is incorporated, allowing the pilot two volume options for the pants. While the reduced volume is meant to be the beginner/arial mode, the second option will release the entire pants volume for most effective tracking and forward boost.


The pants come with with a very effective new shape, a new windcatch which creates "longer legs" and well designed, two section side inlets. While one inlet section fills the pants immediately when you start your flight, the other one is facing more into full flight direction. All inlets are outfitted with effective airlocks.


The jacket comes with a new inlet/ airlock system, a brandnew collar airlock and more sleeve volume.


We advise a minium of 70 skydives before using the Tube4.


Price: 570eur



backflying inlets (+90eur)



Backfly option

Tube4 Manual


Standard sizes are S, M, L, XL, XXL. Please check here.


The real appearance of the fabric used in the Tube4 can be checked here.

Coloring Tool

You can easily design your suit here.

When placing you order please also send us a screenshot of the coloring tool.


...what i really enjoyed was the balance of the suit comparing to my tube 3, its really easy to fly and i can fly the suit more flatter than the tube 3. 


With the zipper open it was a big surprise because its still very easy to hande, almost like the zipper closed but with a super boost!!!


Congrats to the pressurized team because you made a hell of a suit!


Man i am really happy with the product and i am super stoket to took it in the mountains


keep on the good work!!


- Andre Vasconcelos -


...I received a Tube4. it is matchless! and size exact.I hope to do some flying in it this weekend! thank Pressurized!


- Renat Fasakhov -


I love my tube3, and the tube4 feels even better ...  


I got out last, tracked with the plane as it dove down, then rolled to my back to try the back-track vents ... Wow! What a feeling to be flying with that kind of power and speed on my back!  


The suit feels more solid and compact, and maybe even easier to fly..

Can't wait to fly it some more ...


- Brian Cork -


...also die tube 4 ist der absolute hammer, fliegt super !!! ne freundin hat eine tube etwas eingesaut, sie macht die jetzt sauber und schickt sie dann zu dir! danke für alles, bin echt super happy


- Thomas Häberle -

Hey mate thanks so much for the suit its incredible easy to fly distance range everything I couldn't be more happy thanks so much!

- Chris Ops -