The Pala2 is built on the platform of the original Pala and incorporates everything we have learned from the first version. We have focused on making the suit more powerful by making the profile more efficient. 


The Pala2 is the first suit that is equipped with our brand-new airducts. The inlet design is based on our TwentyG2 suit from back in the days of 2010. It has now been modernized and optimized  and we are proud, that we could achieve outstanding aerodynamics while minimizing the drag. We also revised the shape of the back of the suit to produce a cleaner airflow over the top with less turbulence behind the container.




The Pala2 offers fast inflation and features more internal pressure due to an integrated airlock system. You will feel the extra power throughout your flight and when flaring at the end of your jump.


The Pala2 is just as intuitively to fly as the original Pala while having even more power, speed and glide. It’s perfectly balanced and allows you to get easy and fast start all the time. The Pala2 flys well in a wide range of speeds and offers a super easy pull.


As standard features it comes with:


- Rubber BASE soles for perfect grip at the exit

- Big cargo pocket for your stashbag and extra stuff you need to jump down

- Skydiving zippers on the frontside for easy access to the cheststrap and handles (outside of the suit), while in BASE mode the harness can be moved inside the suit for aerodynamic benefits.

- Belly mount zipper



The suit will be built to your measurements and choice of colors.


Although the Pala2 is easy and intuitively to fly, we recommend a minimum of 100 skydives and experience with a two piece tracksuit before flying the Pala2.


For BASE we advise to start with a two piece tracksuit before putting on a onepiece as the surface of the Pala2 is rather big and there is a lot of fabric to handle.