The Pala2 comes along with our brandnew airducts. The inlet design, based on our TwentyG2 suit back in the days (2010), has been optimized now and we are proud, that we could reach outstanding aerodynamics with a minimum of drag, fast inflation and more pressure due to an integrated airlock system.


The Pala2 is same intuitive to fly as Pala1 and has even more power and glide. It allows an easy and fast start, offers a wide speed range  and is easy to pull. 


The suit will be built to your measurements and colors. 


Although the  pala is easy and intuitively to fly, we recommend a minimum of 100 skydives and experience with a two piece tracksuit before flying the Pala2.


For BASE we recommend to start with a two piece tracksuit as the pala surface is rather big. 




...coming soon