FJC - First jump courses 2018

Dates 2018


July: 07.07- 14.07 

FJC - First jump course BASE


Prior the course

Dowload the "pre course training manual" and practise in skydiving.


FJC content


BASE specific gear components and differences to skydive gear

7 cell base canopy, particularities, materials, function, maintainance

checking your BASE Gear 

Demo pack, slider down packing and supervising each of you packjobs

Malfunctions in BASE, explanations, videos, training

Static line methods, explaining different systems and correct use

All types of objects and evaluation

BASE ethics, why?


Exit training, exit techniques

Pilot chute assist (PCA) jump off bridge

Handheld jumps

Static line jump(s)

Briefing/ Debriefing, video analysis of each single jump

BASE container, particularities, materials, function, maintainance 

Materials used in BASE, basic rigging, field repair

Slider up packing

Stowed slider up jumps, tracking jumps off cliff


Our FJC‘s will start in Kanfanar/Croatia and will end in Arco/Italiy.

If you have no ride you can join the trip from salzburg and we will bring you back

to salzburg for free. We will go to croatia in the evening before the course.


Requirements: 15´´0 skydives


Best preparation for the first jump course is the „Pre Course Training Manual“ which you should train in skydiving.  This training is your life insurance!

The manual can be downloaded here. 

Hot air ballon jumps prior to the course would be a perfect opportunity to simulate a BASE exit at zero airspeed conditions.


Training with tracksuit is highly recommended for our BASE course. It is not a must but it will make your progress even faster.  Get at least 50 skydives with your tracking suit  before participating at our FJC.  This will extend your freefall time and make your first jumps off the cliff safer as you will deploy your canopy further away from the object.


After your FJC reservation you will get a packing video. For the course we expect that every participant is able to pack his/her BASE gear.

The video displays and explains in detail the packing technique we use at the FJC.





Courses start in Kanfanar /Croatia on saturday 9am.

All courses are held in english, optional german language.


Meeting point:

Istarska 2

52352 Kanfanar





BASE Gear 


If you want to buy used base gear, get in touch with us and we help you to find the right equipment for you.

For rental gear please drop us an email with size and weight and we check for availibility at the course.


When looking for new new gear we are in dealership with Adrenalin BASE  (France) and APEX BASE (USA). We can help you with any gear questions and help you  to get the perfect BASE setup for you.


We offer special discounts (package deals) when ordering BASE gear and/or tracking gear in combination with our FJC.  



When signing in for a FJC and ordering Base gear over pressurized we offer 10% discount on the  FJC.


Tracksuit+ FJC

signing in for a FJC and buying a tracking suit will give you a 10% discount on the tracking suit.


If you consider to order BASE gear please keep in mind, that the lead time for production and shipping is usually  12-16 weeks.




How many jumps do we get?


How many jumps we will get is very depending on weather (especially wind). In average we will do about 30 jumps from exittrainer, 10 jumps off the bridge and 3-4 jumps from 850m cliff. 


Can I use a tracking suit at the course?


Yes, we recommend tracking gear at the cliff if you have done a minimum of 50 skydives and you are comfortable with your suit. For the very first cliff jump we want you to jump slick (without inflatable clothing) to see that you are comfortable with the exit, freefall and tracking.

If everything is ok, you can then use tracking gear on your next jumps.


Can I use a helmet camera during the course?


We don't want you to use any camera or camera mounts during the course. The reason is, that entanglement with bridle/ lines can happen  (side wind at bridge, unstable at the cliff) There have been already fatalities because of camera mounts.


We will video each single jump and do a briefing/debriefing of each single jump.


What if we have bad weather?


We will modify the course after the weather and wind forecast, so we have the best chances to get the most out of every single course.


Can you do my packjobs during the BASE course?


No. We want you to get the maximum out of the course. Packing is part of BASE jumping. Proper packing of your single canopy system is your life insurance and you should take full responsibility for each single BASE jump.


Can I get the pics and video after the course?


Yes! Just bring your external hard drive or other fast storage device and you will get all pics and video of your jumps.


Can I jump alone after the course?


Our goal is to safely introduce you into the sport and give you all the required knowledge for your first base jumps. The course provides all the information and training necessary for safe BASE jumping. 


By nature a 8 day FJC cannot replace the experience of a year or two groundcrewing.  Experience builds up and comes with jump numbers. Starting with safe exits and proceeding to more technical objects. Jumping with other more experienced jumpers is usually the most effective way of learning after the course.


We will give you a good overall knowledge of all BASE aspects and we would also like to get you in contact with experienced BASE jumpers from your area.


What cliffs can I jump right after the course?


We recommend to keep jumping Mt. Brento or Kjerag right after the course. For BASE these are the best cliffs in europe where you can optimise your tracking skills. With the easy access you can easely do 2-3 jumps a day and gain BASE freefall time and experience in a short period of time.

Kjerag/ Norway with terminal cliffs is a great option too. Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland is a great place for later. There you learn to improve your starts and get your subterminal tracking skills at a higher level. We recommend to have a least 30 terminal base jumps prior your first trip to the valley (starting on the left side with jumping)


For more infos, prices, BASE Gear, rental gear please contact:



I just want to say thank you for giving me the confident and opportunity to make my dreams come true!!
- Tomte Odin -
Thank u for this great FJC this has really been the best time of my life...
- Jonas Grimstad - 
noch mal vielen Dank für die geilen Tage!!!
War echt der absolute ober Hammer :)
- Malte Wesemann -
der Kurs war super, hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen und würde ich jederzeit wieder machen!
- Jens Busche -
It was a great course. Very complete, safe, thorough and perfectly paced. The combined knowledge of the instructors was phenomenal and I can't imagine managing to get more thorough instruction anywhere... consider doing a course with Pressurized. 
- Paul Gresser-