FJC - First Jump Course BASE

When we started with base courses, we quickly realized, that a comprehensive First Jump Course (FJC) includes exittainer, malfunction trainer and  cliff jumps. As the first ones,  we offered a full introduction into base, starting with the bridge and carrying on to terminal cliff jumps, the ultimate base jumping experience!


The pressurized First Jump Course covers all aspects of basejumping. Join us and take the advantage to learn from highly experiended long term base jumpers. Sharing their knowledge to get you ready for the sport as save as possible. 


After signing in we will send you our packing video and  support you with pre course training,  base gear, tracking gear, protection and all other questions you might have.



I just want to say thank you for giving me the confident and opportunity to make my dreams come true!!
- Tomte Odin -
Thank u for this great FJC this has really been the best time of my life...
- Jonas Grimstad - 
noch mal vielen Dank für die geilen Tage!!!
War echt der absolute ober Hammer :)
- Malte Wesemann -
der Kurs war super, hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen und würde ich jederzeit wieder machen!
- Jens Busche -
It was a great course. Very complete, safe, thorough and perfectly paced. The combined knowledge of the instructors was phenomenal and I can't imagine managing to get more thorough instruction anywhere... consider doing a course with Pressurized. 
- Paul Gresser-