10 day FJC

Dates 2021

June: 11.6.-20.6.2021

September: 24.9.-3.10.2021


Location: Croatia, Italy

Duration: 10 days

Requirements: 200 skydives

Price: 1600eur


Meeting point:

Istarska 2

52352 Kanfanar



Course start: 9am

All courses are held in english/german language.


  • 200 skydives minimum
  • BASE Gear (dacron lines for slider down). Bring at least one base gear - Two rigs required for the course!
  • Packing clamps
  • Tailgates
  • Pilot chutes: 46", 42" and 36"
  • Helmet (Open helmet or Fullface)
  • Goggles (non tinted classes are better for late evening jumps)
  • Kneepads (no snag points)
  • Hiking boots (better without hooks -  otherwise we cover snag points with tape)
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Practise tracking jumps
  • If you plan to jump your 2 piece tracksuit, do at least 50 skydives with it. 
  • Train accuracy landings with your base canopy or a big student canopy.
  • Train packing (at least 10 packjobs)
  • Fast storage/ hard drive
  • Mobile phone



Theory manual

Malfunction videos

Basic rigging

Gear inspection

Static line theory


Malfuntion Trainer


Hand held 

Static line 


Accuracy training

Object avoidance turns (backriser)

Unpacked jumps



Big wall jumping

Tracking coaching (bring your flysight)

How to work with flysight datas 

Running exit




Accomodation (15-25eur per person) 

Transportation to the course location and back

BASE house croatia (30eur)

Shuttle rides to top of cliff (12eur per ride)

2nd base gear - rental (20eur per jump/packjob)


If you need a ride we can offer transportation. There are 6 slots available. Our trip will be around 2000km starting/arriving in Salzburg/Austria. You can join us from Salzburg.  150eur per person.