We recommend to get your own BASE gear for the course.


Order your custom made Adrenalin BASE Gear (France) or APEX BASE Gear (USA) and get a special price discount on our FJC! We will help you with any gear questions and help you  to get the perfect BASE setup for you.



When signing in for a FJC and ordering Base gear over pressurized we offer 5% discount on the  FJC.


Tracksuit+ FJC

signing in for a FJC and buying a tracking suit will give you a 10% discount on the tracking suit.


If you consider to order BASE gear please keep in mind, that the lead time for production and shipping is usually  10-16 weeks.


If you are looking for used base gear, get in touch with us and we help you to find the right equipment for you.

We also offer rental  gear,  please get in touch with us if you need BASE gear for the FJC.