How many jumps do we get?


10 day course

The jump number is depending on your packing ability and weather coditions. In average we will do about 15-20 jumps off the bridge and  8-10 jumps from terminal cliff in italy.


Do I need my own gear?


Yes, we recommend you get your own gear for the course. It should be with dacron lines for slider down jumps. No low wingsuit rig with microlines.


New gear comes offers best safety technology and will match perfectly your measurements. Once you have finished the FJC you can keep jumping. Having a 2-3 month break due to the lead time of the gear manufacturer in high season can really suck...


For the course itself you will need 2 BASE Rigs!

We have rental gear in case. 


Can I use a tracking suit at the course?


Yes, we recommend 2 piece tracking gear at the cliff if you have done a minimum of 50 skydives and you are comfortable with your suit.


For the very first cliff jump we want you to jump slick (without inflatable clothing) to see that you are comfortable with the exit, freefall and tracking.

If everything is ok, you can then use tracking gear on your next jumps.


Can I use a helmet camera during the course?


We don't want you to use any camera or camera mounts during the course. The reason is  that entanglement with bridle/ lines can happen. There have been already fatalities because of camera mounts.


We will video each single jump and do a briefing/debriefing of each single jump.


What if we have bad weather?


In this case we will  modify the course after the weather and wind forecast, so we have the best chances to get the most out of every single course.


Can you do my packjobs during the BASE course?


Proper packing of your single canopy system is your life insurance and you have to do at least 10 packjobs prior the course.


It makes a great difference in your jump numbers at the course if you are able to pack or not. Your goal should be neat packjobs within a 1,5 hours. 


With a focus on the practical side of base jumping we now offer rental gear at the courses and packing service (20eur per jump)


Can I get the pics and video after the course?


Yes! Just bring your external hard drive or other fast storage device and you will get all pics and video of your jumps.


Can I jump alone after the course?


Our goal is to safely introduce you into the sport and give you all the required knowledge for your first base jumps. The course provides all the information and training necessary for safe BASE jumping. 


By nature a 10 day FJC cannot replace the experience of a year or two groundcrewing.  Experience builds up and comes with jump numbers. Starting with safe exits and proceeding to more technical objects. Jumping with other more experienced jumpers is usually the most effective way of learning after the course.


We will give you all the knowledge of all BASE aspects and we would also like to get you in contact with experienced BASE jumpers from your area.