Pre Course Training

- Hot air ballon jump(s)


- Get a 2 piece tracksuit and practise tracking (minimum 50 skydives)


- Practise canopy drills in skydiving (with your 7 cell base canopy or +220sqft canopy)  


- Learn to pack your base canopy after the packing video - you will get it after your reservation. 10 packjobs minimum. For the course we expect that every participant is able to pack his/her BASE gear.

Hot air ballon jumps prior to the course would be a perfect opportunity to train a BASE exit at zero airspeed conditions.


Training with tracksuit is highly recommended for our BASE courses. For our 9day course it is not a must but it will make your progress even faster. For the 15 day FJC including subterminal tracking in Lauterbrunnen a tracksuit is mandatory!  Get at least 50 skydives with your tracking suit  before participating at our FJC. 

This BASE related canopy training prior to a first jump course is your life insurance for the course and later in the sport! This training will improve your chances to survive in BASE environment!

Pre course training manual (english)

Pre course training manual english
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Pre course training manual german version

Pre course training manual deutsch
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